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‘COVID-19 Impact on Education and Beyond’ Online Book Launch Event in Toronto

On 15 April, 2021, Brock Dykeman, President-Vice Chancellor, University Canada West and Dr. Nivedita Das Kundu, President-Bharat Centre of Canada (BCC), and Faculty, York University, launched the book ‘COVID-19 Impact on Education and Beyond’ online in Toronto based on teaching and learning methods used by the educational institutions during the lockdown.

Atmiya Adwitiya 2021 – An International Virtual Fest

On the 18th and 19th of February 2021, the Faculty of Business and Commerce at Atmiya University in Gujarat, India, in collaboration with Lincoln University College, Malaysia, hosted an International Virtual Fest – ATMIYA ADWITIYA 2021. This international virtual fest was held for students of grades 12, under graduation, and post-graduation from around the country … Continue reading “Atmiya Adwitiya 2021 – An International Virtual Fest”

Astrological Significance of Athi Varadar Ceremony

A once in a life-time opportunity just concluded recently in the ancient city of Kanchipuram in India. Commonly known as the Athi Varadar festival or ceremony, this is one of the most auspicious ceremony that takes place once in every 40 years. Millions of devotees from around the world thronged this temple to get the … Continue reading “Astrological Significance of Athi Varadar Ceremony”

Ramadan and MCO can co-exist beautifully

WE write this as scholars of Islam, family physicians, pharmacists, medical doctors and public health specialists. The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting Malaysia medically as well as in emotional, psychological and spiritual ways. The holy months of Ramadan and Syawal will soon be upon us. As a nation, Malaysia must soon make very difficult choices. Should … Continue reading “Ramadan and MCO can co-exist beautifully”

Why Coronavirus Began in China?

The world is shocked by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic which began in China. The fear has escalated as it is being declared as a worldwide pandemic. It is a major outbreak of disease on large scale after SARS that started in China in late November, 2020.

A thorough Oral Examination

WHEN it comes to orthodontic treatment, the basic question to be addressed first is whether everyone needs it. The answer is no, although there are individuals with genuine problems who need to be treated. Research findings in some countries showed the treatment has become trendy among adolescents and adults as they perceive they need to … Continue reading “A thorough Oral Examination”

All about studying dentistry

IF you are thinking of doing dentistry, do read on. With 42 years experience behind me as an academician in this area, I can tell you dentistry can be as fun as it can be stressful. It’s a course blending the Science and Art of education. It is about healing people, making them look and … Continue reading “All about studying dentistry”

More to a mouth than a smile

THE greying population is on the increase in Malaysia. Come 2025, we can expect some 15% to 20% of the estimated 32 million people to be expanding the population pyramid. Are we ready to serve them? How much do we know about them, be it physically, economically, environmentally or health wise? Realising the upcoming dilemma, … Continue reading “More to a mouth than a smile”

Making the world a better place

IN today’s society, many people, young and old, seem to have forgotten that being polite and respectful means considering how others are feeling. Sadly, everyone is subconsciously only out for themselves and has no concern for the effects their behaviour has on others. Simply put, the vast majority are selfish and do things just to … Continue reading “Making the world a better place”

Dealing with addiction is a lifelong and difficult struggle

SUBSTANCE abuse, such as drugs, alcohol and smoking, is easy to define. However, defining non-substance abuse, also referred to as behavioural addiction, is difficult. Non-substance abuse includes the use of technology, the Internet and social media; photographing; gaming; gambling; sex; bullying; shopping; exercising; and eating excessively.